Smoothie Recipes

On this page you will find all smoothie recipes found on Smoothie Fairytales. This is the perfect place to begin exploring our website for smoothie recipes that are healthy, delicious and good-looking. Since we focus on smoothies, we have a lot of different recipes. We have smoothies with aronia berries, smoothies with vegetables, green smoothies with nettle and sorrel, and much more! If you want to go directly to a certain category, check out our list of smoothie categories:

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Breakfast smoothies

Breakfast in a jar

Chia seed puddings

Superfood smoothies

Smoothie recipes with beautiful photos

Smoothie Fairytales is more than just smoothie recipes. We believe that there are a lot of visual people out there who love aesthetically pleasing, beautiful smoothies. Our smoothies are photographed with love and we hope that shows. The smoothie decorations, smoothie backgrounds and angles used are all chosen with care. We hope that you will like our photography as much as the smoothie recipes themselves. Hopefully our photos will inspire you to take photos of your own smoothies. If you like taking photos of your smoothies, feel free to share your creations with us. You can find us on the following social media: Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest.   
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