Superfood Smoothies

Welcome to Smoothie Fairytales and our superfood smoothie recipes! Here you will find recipes for nutrient-rich superfood smoothies that are easy to make—and easy on the eye. What is a 'superfood'? Normally, the term 'superfood' refers to nutrient-rich foods that are said to have a health-promoting effect. Basically, it is a marketing term, used for a variety of admittedly healthy foods ranging from berries (lingonberries, acai berries, bilberries) and leafy greens (watercress, kale, chard) to fruits (kiwifruit, dragon fruit, pomegranate). Nowadays, most healthy foods can be called superfoods. Apart from the fresh fruits, vegetables or berries, many companies sell superfood powders that are easy to add in any smoothie.Fresh food is definitely always to prefer, but superfood powders can be tempting to buy, since they are so easy to add in smoothies, shakes, or yogurts. On Smoothie Fairytales, we define a 'superfood smoothie' as a smoothie that contains at least one widely recognized superfood: fresh, frozen or dried. This can be a powder consisting of extracts from various plants or it can be a recipe with one of the Nordic superberries: the lingonberry or the blueberry.

Why are superfood smoothies good for your health?

Smoothies are healthy. Smoothies with so called "superfoods" are not necessarily any healthier than smoothies made with fresh berries and/or fruits. Superfoods are not foods that will make you healthy directly, nor are they all necessarily "super" for you, but they are usually packed with nutrients and/or vitamins, meaning that you might not need to eat more than a scoop to get a lot of whatever vitamins or nutrients the superfood contains. As usual, research in long-term health effects is very inconclusive, but many people love adding superfoods to their smoothies since it is an easy way to get those vitamins and nutrients that we might lack.

Beautiful and healthy superfood smoothie recipes

We eat with our eyes. Since we here at Smoothie Fairytales know how we are affected by the way our food looks, we put a lot of effort in taking as beautiful photos as possible. What is better than a wonderful-looking, nutient-rich smoothie? We hope that our photographs will inspire you to make mouth-watering and aesthetically pleasing smoothies at home :)