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Apples are among the most common ingredients in smoothies. The only fruit to compete with the apple is the banana, which is arguably, even more commonly used. For those who don’t like bananas, apple-based smoothies are the obvious choice. Apple smoothies can be combined with an almost infinite number of fruits, berries and even vegetables!

Apples are perfect for smoothies for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can get them everywhere, anytime of the year. Secondly, they don’t cost much. Thirdly, everyone loves apples. There are 100+ varieties of apples grown in the US and we’re pretty sure that at least one of these varieties will please even the pickiest apple hater ;) Fourthly, apples are easy to peel (if you want to peel them), cut and core. Fifthly, they last longer than many other fruits. In the pantry, fresh apples stay good 2-4 weeks. When kept in the fridge, they last 1-2 months.

Nutrition Facts: Apples

In terms of nutrition, apples are very balanced. They are rich in dietary fiber, contain vitamin A and vitamin C plus minerals such as potassium, calcium, and iron. It is also important to note what apples do not contain: they contain zero fat, zero cholesterol and zero sodium. Apples are also very low in calories: one large apple contains only 130 kcal.

Smoothie recipes with apple