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In some circles, aronia berries are being touted as a new trendy superfood. Why? They are excellent sources of certain antioxidants, contain good levels of minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. Actually, they contain more antioxidants than bilberries (blueberries) and raspberries, both famous for being great sources of antioxidants.

But, despite being trendy at the moment, aronia berries are not particularly new in any way. In fact, they have been cultivated in, for instance, eastern Europe and Russia for over a hundred years. In North America, they are native to eastern United States and Canada and are today being cultivated and grown in the American Midwest, most prominently in Iowa.

The reason why aronia berries have not traditionally been very popular is that their raw taste is astringent. This means that you cannot easily eat a lot of them without your mouth puckering. To be honest, they simply aren’t the tastiest berries on the market. That having been said, many people do enjoy their taste and some even like to eat them raw. The most common aronia products on the market are powder supplements, juices and jams.

Aronia berry smoothies

Due to the astringent taste, it is smart to to combine the aronia with other berries or fruits, such as bananas, apples, or even cranberry.

Smoothie recipes with aronia